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New development: NeroForce introduces "X-Technology” for Unit wheels

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New development: NeroForce introduces "X-Technology” for Unit wheels

Unit wheels are very popular for grinding tyre sidewalls, contours or conveyor belts. The new and unique " XTechnology" from NeroForce ensures better removal of rubber dust from the working area, and more effective
cooling without the need for cooling holes.

Unit wheels, which are nothing but Contour wheels with a flat profile, tend to contaminate the working area with rubber dust during grinding. NeroForce has now developed a simple and ingenious trick to solve this problem: A trapezoid profile, has been cut into the base member, which also creates kind of x-shaped grooves, which not only remove the rubber dust from the working area through the Unit wheel rotation, but also creates an air flow channel that significantly reduces the rising temperatures of the tool during grinding. This effect prevents the tool as well as the rubber from heating up and gives the surface a visibly more uniform texture.
Furthermore, the tungsten grit application onto the flat surfaces of the trapezoids is more efficient than to apply grit onto a round shaped surface, as it is done by competitors.

Extensive practical tests have shown that this technological concept significantly increases also the
service life of the new tools.
In the near future, NeroForce will gradually equip all conventional Unit wheels with the "Dust Groove"
technology which will noticeably improve the effectiveness of their tools.

Andreas Müller, founder of NeroForce, promises to concentrate the company’s focus on ground-breaking
improvements of conventional tools in the future: "We see great potential in evaluating both design and
efficiency of conventional tools for rubber processing and with innovative ideas improve the effectiveness and results of these tools.”