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NeroForce starts selling iCarsoft OBD diagnostic devices

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  • By NF
NeroForce starts selling iCarsoft OBD diagnostic devices

NeroForce, based in Ulm, Germany, is now offering a wide range of iCarsoft OBD vehicle diagnostic devices especially for garages and tyre service stations in its online shop.

NeroForce is constantly working on expanding its range of products for workshops and tyre service stations. OBD diagnostic devices are part of the standard equipment, and the manufacturer iCarsoft in particular is among the top brands, as it offers diagnostic devices for specific car brands on the one hand, but also has so-called multi-devices for up to 44 different brands in its range, depending on requirements and budget.

iCarsoft diagnostic devices are sold in over 120 countries worldwide and are known for strict quality controls in the manufacture of the high-quality devices.