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NeroForce - Experience and know-how for advanced, innovative tools

Since our foundation in 2019, we have established ourselves in the industry as a reliable partner and supplier with a comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality tools, machines and consumables.

Our core range of in-house developed buffing blades and buffing tools is being continuously expanded with the clear aim of offering innovative new products. We attach particular importance to the integration of state-of-the-art technologies in order to always offer our customers tools that meet the latest technological standards.

The outstanding performance characteristics of our buffing blades and buffing tools are regularly confirmed by renowned retreading companies worldwide, which contributes significantly to the increasing number of satisfied and loyal customers and partners.

Another key success factor is our first-class service. We maintain a partnership-based communication at eye level with our customers, in which a mutual exchange of know-how and experience takes place. Our team is always available to provide advice and support, ensuring that our products are used optimally and that the maximum potential is realised for our users.

For us, innovation also means always being up to date and presenting our products in an up-to-date, clear and transparent way. We use our modern online shop portal to create a platform that can be accessed around the clock, where our products are always up-to-date and transparent in terms of availability and price. This makes it easy for our customers to procure the materials they need.

Our product range not only includes items for the retreading industry, but also offers high-quality products for conveyor belt companies, tyre service centres and many other industries. Our customers benefit from carefully selected articles from various other renowned brands, which we are also proud to offer officially.

In addition, we have broadened our horizons and made significant progress in the field of laser marking technology in recent years. Our mobile laser marking devices set an industry standard and have a significant impact on the future of this technological segment.

As a member of the retreading industry, we are actively committed to environmental protection. We therefore promote measures that support the careful and sustainable use of our resources:

  • Reuse of tyres and conveyor belts through retreading
  • Extending the useful life of rubber products through repair
  • Reduction of plastic and synthetic materials in our packaging


In order to make these efforts more visible in society, we have been pleased to support the AZUR network as a member since 2021.