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Genuine GIIB Supercool Pre-Cured Tread & Hot Cured Rubber

Manufactured by Goodway Rubber Industries Sdn. Bhd., Asia’s leading rubber compound manufacturer, Supercool is the premium pre-cured tread produced under the GIIB brand. It has an impressive global reach that spans six continents.

What we offer is not just a premium retread; it is a total tyre solution that’s targeted at looking after your safety. That’s the reason that thousands of truck drivers in over 60 countries throughout the world daily rely on Supercool to get them to their destinations and back home again safely.

Very often, fleet customers have a particular preference for a certain tread pattern to be used on their vehicle but also have very different usage and wear-severity requirements across the vehicles in their fleet.

Different rubber-compounds with different performances and costs, used in the same pattern, are a good way to be able to offer the best product for each customer and his respective requirement.


That’s why NeroForce offers the vast majority of their Supercool tread patterns to their European customers in 2 distinct quality and price-levels.


Choose from 2 High Performance rubber compoundSUPERCOOL



Introduction to Giib Supercool: