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Environmental protection is protection of investment

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Environmental protection is protection of investment

Every revolution begins with an idea. At NeroForce, we have been working for some time on the idea of examining where we can conserve resources and implement ecologically sensible solutions.

Retreading makes use existing resources

For example, we see a significant ecological advantage in the retreading of all types of tyres. The reuse of tyres in a further cycle of use brings a socio-economic benefit of more than half a billion Euros for the 5 largest countries in Europe (according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology). In direct comparison, retreaded tyres cause less wastewater pollution or waste and save resources, as no new material is needed for the carcass. With NeroForce's high-quality and innovative tools, we create the basis for an economic realisation of this ecological advantage. Unfortunately, the favourable ecological balance of retreaded tyres (between 19 - 70% less ecological impact) is not effective as long as cheap and non-retreadable "low-end" tyres from Asia are pushed into the market. In addition, the share of retreaded passenger car tyres is less than 1% and for truck tyres it has dropped from 37% to 30% in the last 5 years. Here, education and impositions could contribute to a change of mind from which environmental protection would benefit.


Tyre repair is part of the value chain

Another aspect of tyre reuse is repair. Of course, it is much easier and more profitable to replace a damaged tyre with a new one, but this is not always necessary. In fact, many tyres could be repaired without risk to humans and generate a much better eco-balance in the process. We offer all the tools necessary for such repairs in our NeroForce B2B online shop.


Avoid plastic waste with ecological alternatives

Environmental protection also means avoiding waste, especially when it comes to packaging. From the very beginning, we at NeroForce have made it a point to avoid using plastic as a packaging material wherever possible and to replace it with paper. This also applies to increasingly frequent use of large packaging or multipacks, which require significantly less packaging material than individual packaging of single articles. Likewise, the use of plastic adhesive tape is being increasingly limited, whereby transport safety naturally plays an important role. However, as soon as we find reasonable and reliable alternatives, we will replace conventional adhesive tape altogether.

From hybrid and electric vehicles for sales and employees to innovative tools for retreading and clever solutions in the transport and packaging sector, we are constantly on the lookout for ecologically sensible concepts. That is why NeroForce has also joined the AZuR (Alliance Future Tyre) network to pursue the goal of finding and establishing an ecologically and economically sensible tyre cycle together with all members. The goal is to reduce the mountain of used tyres and, if possible, recycle them to a 100% in order to preserve resources.