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DENSOLIT Carbide Tools

What is new about DENSOLIT?

The revolutionary NeroForce DENSOLIT Carbides are exposed to

a new, innovative treatment in which a fine bionic sealing layer is applied to the abrasives. Why is this coating technology so pioneer- ing? With all carbide tools, the base body is coated with carbide split and then traditionally coated with paint (copper, gold or silver). This coating protects against rust and improves the appearance. However, due to the thickness of the layer of paint that coats the sharp edges of the metal split, the surface becomes duller, which cannot be avoided. NeroForce has already improved this problem with the introduction of its Chrome Carbides. Instead of paint, a special metal layer is applied that is approximately 50% thinner, which makes the tools much sharper. The new DENSOLIT Carbides go one step further: the bionic sealing layer is only approx. 27% as strong in comparison and makes the carbides sharper than con- ventional tools, but without compromising on rust protection. This results in enormous advantages:

1. The sharpness of the buffing tools is not affected by the extremely fine protective layer and remains rough and aggressive for longer .

2. As the proportion of foreign material is minimal, the areas to be processed will be considerably less contaminated or not contaminated at all

3. Heat generated by friction is reduced and the tools remain cool for longer, which prevents the rubber in the working area from smearing.