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Sustainability out of conviction

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Sustainability out of conviction

Resource conservation and ecologically sound solutions have always been important topics at NeroForce. Currently, we have implemented the second stage of our sustainability project for packaging and transport materials.

After we started last year to implement sustainable solutions that do not compromise on transport safety, we have now reached a second stage where we are drastically reducing plastic and synthetic materials in packaging and shipping.

We almost exclusively use filling material made of cardboard or paper, and only in special cases do we use filling material that we have received ourselves through deliveries and subsequently reuse. We do not buy any new or additional plastic filling material. Even our plastic adhesive tape for the safe transport of our parcels has been replaced by a reliable packaging tape made of fibre-reinforced paper after a thorough test phase. Even our document bags, which used to be made of polyethylene, are now made entirely of paper and can thus be easily disposed of and recycled in the paper bin. When it comes to pallet shipping, we are working on a gradual reduction of plastic, whereby transport safety is of course the top priority in all solutions.

As we still have some remaining stocks of plastic material, there may still be isolated cases of plastic being used, but disposing of the stocks directly without benefit would be more counterproductive than using them for their actual purpose one last time.

Even if it is small steps that make our entire packaging and transport business sustainable and ecological, it makes a significant difference in the sum of the continuously increasing volume of shipments.