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NeroForce expands its lineup for mobile laser markers

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NeroForce expands its lineup for mobile laser markers

The southern German manufacturer of tools and consumables for the rubber industry is expanding its recently launched product category of laser markers. On the one hand, the EVO series, the 2nd generation of mobile laser markers, is new to the range, and on the other hand, the mobile SIRIUS series, the first solid-state lasers from NeroForce, is newly introduced.

Laser markers are used where workpieces or objects are marked with the help of a laser. The laser type and the energy input determine which materials can be processed. For example, fibre lasers are used when marking and labelling metals, rubber, plastic or cardboard. However, if you want to mark wood, leather, ceramics, circuit boards or lacquered components, a solid-state laser is recommended. The lasered markings can be logos, QR codes, inscriptions, bar codes or graphics, which can be permanently burned onto the various surfaces.

NeroForce particularly wants to make the usually static application of laser markers mobile to make marking more flexible, easier and faster. The 1st generation of mobile laser markers was introduced by NeroForce at the end of 2021 and has already found its use in numerous industrial sectors within a very short time.

NeroForce is currently introducing the 2nd generation, the EVO series, which at 9kg is significantly lighter than the 1st generation at 12kg. Both versions are also available as battery versions, which are each just under 1 kg heavier than the cable versions. The weight reduction is achieved by a lighter plastic housing and a more compact design.

Also brand new in the range is the SIRIUS series, which uses solid-state laser technology and, as described above, is designed for other materials.

Details on all laser markers can be found at www.neroforce.com or simply download our complete catalogue from the website. If you would like to know more, please contact us directly.