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NF 115-20 AIR, 25 Blades/Set - PU: 30Sets/Box
NF 115-20 AIR, 25 Blades/Set - PU: 30Sets/Box €172,50

NF 115-20 AIR, 25 Blades/Set - PU: 30Sets/Box

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NeroForce buffing blades are manufactured and hardened using an innovative, new process. The blanks, which are punched from high-quality High Carbon Steel, are hardened in a special device in which each individual blade is fixed. This hardening process differs significantly from the conventional roughing blade manufacturing process used by competitors. The difference can be seen in the application: a much longer service life and more effective performance.


The AIR blade variant sets a new standard in cutting technology and is the perfect choice for those who demand the highest levels of efficiency and durability. The additional cooling openings below the cutting teeth not only create a cooling airflow, but also ensure that the work area remains even more efficiently free of buffing dust through the air turbulence, and the surface of the tire being worked on is not unnecessarily heated. With this technology, you can work faster, more efficiently, and more precisely than ever before.


Experience the unmatched performance of our Buffing blades !


The selected blade NF 115-20 AIR fits into the probably most popular Rasp R-115 Ø11. 5" / 273mm with 5 segments as it is used for example at Bandag, Matteuzzi, SIO, Collmann, Marangoni, TRM, Italmatic, Staico or Lukatec buffing machines.


PU: 1 Box of 30 Sets (weight: 15kg)

Engineered in Germany


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10 / 10
10 / 10
Marco S 17 July 2023

We do love these blades. No matter if Air or Standard version they do the job. Well done Neroforce.