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H57 Diagnostic Tool + 8x T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 Sensors Bundle - Silber Version
H57 Diagnostic Tool + 8x T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 Sensors Bundle - Silber Version €803,30

H57 Diagnostic Tool + 8x T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 Sensors Bundle - Silber Version

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Hamaton H57 Diagnostic Tool + 8x T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 Sensors

Get our latest innovative TPMS products for an unbeatable price!

Our fantastic bundle deals combine the H57 TPMS and tyre management tool with universal 3-in-1 Hybrid 3.5 sensors (configurable, programmable and preprogrammed with 99% vehicle coverage):

This bundle includes:

  • 1x Hamaton H57 TPMS tool
  • 8x T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 sensors Silber


Detailed Product Information:


Hamaton H57 Diagnostic Tool w/ OBDII Module


The Hamaton H57 diagnostic tool w/ OBDII Module possesses advanced features that provide comprehensive TPMS and tyre management.

  • The H57 supersedes the H56, combining user-friendly navigation with a brand-new 4.3" touch-sensitive display and improved graphics.

  • Besides reading and activating all OEM and aftermarket sensors, the H57 can configure/program the most popular aftermarket sensors. With regards to the latter, there is an upgrade that unlocks all popular aftermarket sensors*.

  • Thanks to ATEQ’s Sync-ID technology, technicians can perform a standard OBD relearn procedure on 90% of vehicles (with direct TPMS) and adopt the said process to reset the ECU.

  • Tyre management features allow users to record DOT codes, such as the date and place of manufacture and measure tread depth (with an accessory).

  • Furthermore, Live Sensor updates, the tool’s wireless capability and the free three-year software subscription ensure the H57 has the latest coverage.

Additional Features:

• Large memory capacity for up to 800 service records.
• Vehicle-specific OBD port locations
• Onboard training
• Vehicle key fob testing for battery status and signal strength

The H57 Diagnostic Tool Includes:

• Two-year warranty
• OBDII module
• USB cable and charger
• Five-year software subscription
• Carry Case


* The free 5-year software subscription will stop if you upgrade to All Aftermarket Sensors.


T-Pro Hybrid 3.5
The 3-in-1 Universal Sensor

Configurable | Programmable | Multi-Protocol


Configurable: the sensor can be configured for a wide range of vehicles in just a few seconds as various protocols are stored on the sensor,
providing a 99% vehicle coverage

Programmable: add new protocols for different vehicles (e.g. new-comers) as they become available - so future-proofing stock is granted

Multi-Protocol (pre-programmed): the installation of the sensors on most BMW and Mercedes vehicles do not require any programming


  • The sensor is compatible with leading diagnostic tools, including those manufactured by ATEQ (available at NeroForce: click here).
  • Sensor location methods: LOS, WAL, PAL, SAL and WASP auto-location technologies
  • Designed for an optimal fit with OE and aftermarket wheels
  • Powerful Maxell battery and the latest NXP chip


→ Click here for the compability list: Compatibility List T-Pro Hybrid 3.5

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