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DUSTITE Wheel nut indicator and dust cap - Red (Bag of 50 pcs)
DUSTITE Wheel nut indicator and dust cap - Red (Bag of 50 pcs) €52,43

DUSTITE Wheel nut indicator and dust cap - Red (Bag of 50 pcs)

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A Checkpoint original combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap designed for wheels without trims and step rings


Dustite® provides an indication of nuts loosening on a wheel or when a wheel is overheating with the added benefit of protecting from extreme outdoor weather elements, corrosion and general wear and tear.


The Dustite® combines a loose wheel nut indicator and a protective cap. Ideal for commercial vehicles.

The Dustite® can indicate movement of the wheel nuts and protect them from a wide range of external elements such as water, dirt, road salts and rust build up. By placing the Dustite® in a recognisable pattern on the vehicle wheels such as point to point, any movement of the nut is clearly visible at a glance during visual checks. The Dustite® will also melt to indicate any overheating issues.

  • A quick and easy visual indicator of nut movement
  • Melts at a specific temperature to highlight problems with brakes overheating or any bearing defects
  • Protection from weather, corrosion and general wear and tear
  • Supports fleet safety checks
  • Cost effective and easy to implement, highest quality



High-grade virgin polymer to ensure product quality and performance reliability for overheating indication.


  • 125ºC/257ºF (standard version)
  • 165ºC/329ºF (HT version)


  • Trucks, busses etc.
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Dangerous goods transporters

It is also used in the industrial sector and wherevere safety critical fasteners can loosen due to heavy vibrations.


All sizes are measured across the flat (a/f) of the nut in mm.

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