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Densolit Unit Wheel  Ø76x 25mm, AH 14mm
Densolit Unit Wheel Ø76x 25mm, AH 14mm €24,76 €26,06

Densolit Unit Wheel Ø76x 25mm, AH 14mm

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Unit Wheels are contour wheels with a flat contact / working surface with larger diameters and widths. They are very popular for use on tyre sidewalls and the texturizing of conveyor belts or splice ends of pre-cured treads. Another major application is their installation in manual buffing arms to do the fine work on retread tyre-shoulders.


NeroForce Unit wheels are offered in various dimensions and most common AH settings. We also offer selected tools with a multipurpose AH of 60mm.
We supply various re-usable hubflange kits for these tools as well as custom made ones to fit all machine flange types to ensure that our tools can be used for all available machines and applications.



This tool is now available with our latest coating technology: DENSOLIT
The revolutionary NeroForce DENSOLIT tools are exposed to a new and innovative treatment in which a fine bionic sealing layer is applied to the abrasives. Already with our Chrome line, we improved the carbide tool sector noticeably, but with DENSOLIT we go one step further and can present the probably best tungsten carbides available in the market. Their sharpness from the first use is exceptional as the grit is almost fully exposed and not covered at all by any copper, silver or gold paint coating.

Key features

  • The sharpness of the buffing tools is not affected by the extremely fine protective layer and remains rough and aggressive for longer
  • As the amount of foreign material is minimal, the areas to be processed will be considerably less contaminated or not contaminated at all
  • Heat generation by friction is reduced and the tools remain cool for longer, which prevents the rubber in the working area from smearing
  • Extremely durable and efficient tungsten grit coating
  • Smooth and vibration-free rotation
  • Number and shape of cooling ducts are optimised for performance
  • Available with standard grits 14, 16, 18, 23, 36
  • Individually packaged


DENSOLIT by NeroForce is a protected technology/design - Engineered in Germany

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