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Martins Industries Demounting Tool - Super Single Tyre
Demounting Tool - Super Single Tyre €168,96

Martins Industries Demounting Tool - Super Single Tyre

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Article number: "MDT-SS"
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  • Manually demount super single & wide base tyres from their rim.
  • Speeds up your work: demount tubeless tyres in 4 steps, without having to move the tool around or flip the wheel.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Makes good use of leverage & operator's weight to prevent shoulder/back strain.
  • Adjustable bead retaining device at bottom of shaft helps freeing up the top bead on wider tyres.
  • Rollers at the ends of prying points prevent damage to the tyre or wheel.


More compact than our standard demounting tool for truck tires, the Super Single Tyre Demounting Tool is also different in the fact that it has an adjustable bead retaining device at the bottom of its shaft. Prepare the wheel for demounting and let the simple process begin:


  1. Plunge the tool's two pry hooks in between the top bead and rim flange.
  2. Remove the first bead in a single pull.
  3. Reposition it to free up the top bead and slip its hooks, this time, under the bottom bead.
  4. Pull again and completely remove the tyre from its rim.


The smart design of this tool drastically reduces the amount of manipulations that are required and, as a consequence, the risk of injuries. Among all the tyre changing tools out there (machine, bar, irons), this Super Single Tyre Demounting Tool gives you some real good value for your money.

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