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LUKAS Ceramic UnitWheel 75 x 7mm, AH14mm, Grit 60/80
Ceramic UnitWheel 75 x 7mm, AH14mm, Grit 60/80 €3,50 €3,99

LUKAS Ceramic UnitWheel 75 x 7mm, AH14mm, Grit 60/80

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Our high-quality aluminium-oxide Grinding Stones, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are perfect for cutting and grinding all metal tyre and tyre belt cords, back to the rubber edge and thus prepare a clean repair crater. They are very durable and at the same time don’t “grease” easily, which makes them a natural choice for anybody involved in Radial tyre Retreading and tyre repair.


It is essential for the lifetime & performance of the ceramic unit wheels, that the separately enclosed carton rings are applied on both sides when clamping into metal fixture. Also apply max care when tightening. Missing carton rings, or a too high pressure will cause cracks to the ceramic and the tool will break.


PU: 1 - Made in Germany

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